Thursday, March 23, 2006

SO I WRITE A COMMENT on ETA's ceasefire yesterday and, apparently 1/ I peddle some party line when in fact I wrote it 23 minutes after the announcement, more than an hour before any official reaction from any party or the government, 2/ I am a Basque-phobe, because I mistrust an offer by a Basque terrorist group. Basque nationalists like this guy like to accuse everybody who is critical of ETA of demonizing the Basque people (an absurd accusation in my case, but I'm not going to give personal explanations here) because, they say, it's as if we were saying that all Basques are ETA terrorists. You'll notice the irony: if I criticize ETA, why is he jumping to defend the Basques? Isn't him who equates Basques and terrorists?

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