Wednesday, March 22, 2006

WITH THIS, it's not only proven that it was reasonable to believe that Saddam had WMDs, but it's also transparent the effort by the MSM to lie and cover the truth. Turns out that Saddam's foreign minister, Naji Sabri, was a CIA informant for a short period of time. NBC asks in the headline: "Saddam’s foreign minister told CIA the truth, so why didn’t agency listen?"

Very simple: they did.

Because lower in the report, it says: "On the issue of chemical weapons, the CIA said Saddam had stockpiled as much as "500 metric tons of chemical warfare agents" and had "renewed" production of deadly agents. Sabri said Iraq had stockpiled weapons and had "poison gas" left over from the first Gulf War."

So NBC shouts one thing in the headline, and then writes down below something that completely undermines its assertion. They don't even feel the need to hide it. That's because they trust in the power of the headline, aware that most people don't go further than that because it has a bigger visual effect; the headline is what's going to stay in people's minds. Then, below, they provide the other information so that they can plausibly deny that they were hiding information.

Clever, if it worked.

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