Thursday, November 25, 2004

IT'S ONE OF these 'Great Moments in Warfare'. Iraq was not a desirable operational theater for Spanish troops, but apparently a cafe in downtown Madrid is:
Five soldiers and their instructor - all dressed as civilians - took part in a mock attack on a "victim", whose bodyguards had to come to the rescue as part of the exercise at the Amarilla Cafe in Madrid - but patrons were terrified as the group burst in and proceeded with their exercise.

One female soldier roughly stuck a gun - albeit a fake one - against the "victim", whose bodyguards were learning how to protect their charges.

Customers had no idea the whole thing was an exercise and Bono paid the establishment a visit to apologise following an investigation.

Only the instructor was in on the plan.
Is this guy a moron or what? Besides, it seems that among the cafe's regular patrons are real bodyguards from a nearby administration complex. Luckily there was none of them at that moment, but can you imagine what could have happened if they took the mock attack and responded with their real handguns?