Saturday, November 20, 2004

SANTIFICARNOS blog has a very interesting update and comments on the March 11 bombing investigations and what we know so far about the possibility that the Basque terrorist group was indeed involved in the attacks in coordination with the Islamic terrorists.

The most intriguing part is when you think that it may be possible that some ranks in the law enforcement organizations might have been aware of the attacks in advance. Because if that't the case, and I was in Zapatero's shoes, I'd be the first to investigate and try to expose that the previous Aznar administration was incompetent.

Instead, they're doing as much as possible to stonewall this. Is it because their victory in the polls on March 14 was based on the perception by the public, after a real agit-prop campaign by the Socialist-friendly media and the party itself during these fateful days, that Aznar had been trying to manipulate the country saying that it had been ETA, and therefore it ETA had indeed played some role all their legitimacy would crumble down?

Or is it because these specific ranks in the police agencies who might have known about the attacks in advance were some of the same officers involved in the GAL, the death squads during the previous Socialist government of PM Felipe Gonzalez (1982-1996)? Are they somehow involved, even if it's only (only!) consciously turning a blind eye and then exploiting the situation to favor the Socialist party?

There's so much to investigate, and so little will by the current government to do so.