Tuesday, November 23, 2004

FURTHER DESCENT into thirdworldism:
MADRID- Visiting Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez says he and Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero share "good vibes" and the same social views.

"Since our first meeting (in May), the vibes have been very, very good," the populist president said in an interview with the Spanish daily El Pais published on Monday.

"The convergence between his social discourse and ours is obvious."

Chavez, who arrived Sunday for a two-day official visit, was to have his first talks with the socialist government leader on Monday.

Although this is his fourth visit to Spain since 1999, Chavez, who is allied with Cuban President Fidel Castro, had particularly strained relations with Zapatero's conservative predecessor Jose Maria Aznar.
And we all know what an example of democratic virtue these folks Chavez and Castro are, don't we? What a difference to Bushitler, eh?