Wednesday, July 27, 2005

OF COURSE, they'd never demand such a thing from Saddam:
The leftist-separatist [and key parliamentary ally of Zapatero's Socialist party] Republican Left of Catalonia (ERC) yesterday demanded that the Spanish administration apologize for Spain's alleged use of chemical weapons in the Rif War, which occurred in northern Morocco in the early 1920s. ERC spokesman Joan Tardá told a press conference in Parliament, "Spain must apologize. This is not humiliation, but an act of democratic maturity that would place brotherhood between peoples on the table." ERC also proposed that ceremonies of reconciliation and support for the poverty-stricken Rif region be celebrated. The party stressed that Spain carried out, beginning in 1921, "a war of aggression against the Moroccan population of the Rif in revenge for the disaster at Annual (a famous Spanish military defeat) with the goal of wiping out the Rif independence movement led by Abd el Krim."

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