Wednesday, July 27, 2005

NOT SURE this is the best way to fight against Islamic terrorism:
Telesforo Rubio, chief of the National Police's information brigade and head of antiterrorist operations, has been carrying out a "political cleansing," according to several officers and labor unions, in order to place inexperienced cronies of his in charge of the various antiterrorist police units. There has been a great deal of unhappiness among police officers at Rubio's management ever since Socialist prime minister Zapatero named him antiterrorism chief. As soon as he was named, criticism centered on his lack of experience for such an important post. Rubio had previously been police chief in the provincial city of Soria, in the Madrid suburb of Alcorcon, and in several districts in Madrid. He has won two minor decorations Rubio's connections to the Socialist Party are well-known, as he helped them draw up their electoral compaign and prepared his testimony before the March 11 parliamentary committee at Socialist headquarters in Madrid.

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