Thursday, April 21, 2005

A CANADIAN-STYLE corruption scandal in Seville, a city in Southern Spain:
Five people, among them a former town councillor, have been accused of faking local authority papers and fraudulently charging for work.

The state prosecutor has indicted the five for criminal offences and they have been summonsed to appear for trial in Seville.

The case relates alleged political corruption at the heart of the Seville City Council, in Andalusia, southern Spain.

The former town councillor accused in the case is Jose Antonio Garcia from the Socialist party.

Two businessmen are José Pardo and Jesús Barrera, who were said to have charged the council thousands of euros for non-existent work.

The district official,
José Marín, and municipal employee, Manuel Portela are also allegedly implicated in the scandal.

García and Marín resigned alter admitting that two bills presented to Seville council for work allegedly carried out by the company COS were completely fictitious.

Among 28 bills submitted by Pardo, a number were said to be false, according to Garcia.

Pardo had charged the council EUR 50,000 in May 2003, for work which was never carried out, it was alleged.

In a separate case, Pardo was involved in political corruption in Seville in a scandal involving the ambulance service.
The amount is not too big, but the Socialist party had plenty of big-ticket corruption during the Felipe Gonzalez administration (1982-1986)

UPDATE. More here.