Monday, April 18, 2005

GOOD ARTICLE by GEES, a think tank in Madrid, on the current status of Spanish-American relations:
Something strange is afoot when Spanish Public Television starts admitting Spanish-US relations are going through a rough patch. All of sudden we discover Foreign Minister Moratinos’ triumphant visit is not going to be so triumphant. Our Embassy simply could not hide various senators, Kerry included, and representatives’ cold-shoulder, the Administration’s scornful treatment and, in the end, the total non-existence of the Spanish government at the center of world power.

[...] Mr. Moratinos has rectified and joined the “Westendorp Doctrine”: the bad state of relations is not the Zapatero administration’s fault, but the result of former Prime Minister Aznar’s clique’s intrigues. The argument is compelling. On the one hand, it removes all responsibility from the socialists for their policies on Iraq, Cuba or Venezuela, for their out of control anti-Americanism or for incessantly calling President Bush a “criminal”. On the other hand, it paints the picture of a shadow conservative Popular Party (PP) government, plotting away in the very heart of the empire, and being able to determine the “Hyperpower’s” strategic evolution.

We know we are repeating ourselves, but we can only qualify such behavior as adolescent. Not wanting to assume responsibility for one’s own acts is a clear example of immaturity. Not political, but personal immaturity. If one does what the Prime Minister and his buddies have been doing, how can they expect anything other than what has happened? Insinuating that a group of PPers are in Washington making life difficult for the socialists displays a naivety unworthy of an 18 year-old. As they have been able to see up close and personal, this is not about hard core Bushites. The entire American political class is incensed with the Spanish government. No matter how competent or numerous former Prime Minister Aznar’s connections were in the US, winning over Republicans and Democrats goes far beyond his real influence.