Thursday, March 24, 2005

I THINK THEY MANAGE perfectly well to do it by themselves:
Carlos Westendorp, Spain's ambassador to the United States, yesterday accused former prime minister Jose Maria Aznar, the PP, and sympathetic media outlets of destabilizing relations between Spain and the US. Westendorp claimed that they "were questioning the quality and even the fundaments of relations between Spain and the US as a means of obtaining profits, political advantage, or both."
And now get this:
He recommended that Aznar "follow the example of former American presidents," whom he "envies, because on questions of national interest they do not attack their country's administration."
Well, maybe Westendorp, the Socialist party and its friendly media could begin to follow the example and treat former presidents with respect, as in the US, instead of accusing him of being a liar and the ultimate responsible of March 11 ("because he went to the Iraq war as Bush puppy" and so on.)

Talk to him, Westerndorp; maybe you can cut out a deal!