Friday, March 18, 2005

Murky figures seen inside the Windsor skyscraper in Madrid apparently as fire ravaged the building were actually reflections in the windows of the buildings overlooking, a report claims.

The Madrid Fire Department report said there were no people inside the building as had originally been suspected, discounting suspicions of arson.

The report appears to suggest the fire which destroyed the landmark skyscraper in Madrid was started by accident, rather than deliberately.

[...] Another ‘broken door’ under the building had suggested arsonists could have broken into the building and started the blaze.

But then red-faced fire-fighters admitted it was they who had broken into the building using the door.
Well, this is a little odd since, first of all, the firefighters are an interested party (wouldn't they try to cover up the embarrassment, or worse, for saying they had evacuated the building seveal hours before, and then discovering that several of their people were still in, doing who know what? see my theory of what may have happened). Second, because the forensic police has said that they are quite certain that the video is genuine (you can watch the video too). Third, because if the figures were reflections in the windows of the buildings overlooking, what happens with the burning debris raining down? They would distort the reflections, wouldn't they? Well, they don't; you can see it at the link I just mentioned.

And lastly, what happens with the other videos and witness statements? Just consider a second video, showing lights being switched on inside the building; are they reflections from buildings overlooking too?