Wednesday, March 09, 2005

GEE, I DIDN'T KNOW that 'British' is a race:
WITH its sun, sea and sangria, life on the Costa del Sol continues to attract thousands of Brits to move to Spain in search of a better way of life. But new research casts more than a cloud over what many assume to be an idyllic existence.

According to a Scottish social researcher, increasing tensions between Spaniards and expat Britons, seeking a new life in the sun on the Costas, have led to their children being the victims of racist taunts and attacks.


Dr O’Reilly, speaking from Malaga, told The Scotsman: "All the children I spoke to in the International School had either experienced racism or they knew someone who had.

"They were being taunted in the street and called foreigners. Children were waiting for them on the street corners. And even the Spanish children at the school told me that if you hung around with British children you might get into trouble.

"There are some children who have been assaulted. But at the moment it is more about bullying and niggling between the children, rather than anything to do with adults."
So 'children' is another race, it seems. Wow, double racism!

It looks like pretty normal chidren behaviour to me and, if it isn't, should be investigated and stopped. But rasing the "R" card seems overblown to me. I know, I know, no newspaper would cover one more study on children's sometimes slightly cruel but nevertherless usual behaviour, so if you want to see your name in print, you better think something to maka it 'newsworthy'. But still...