Wednesday, March 02, 2005

ZAPATERO WILL BE so proud when he reads this:
Saddam Hussein was overjoyed when he learned that Spanish troops had left Iraq, a spokesman for the former dictator’s legal team said.

[...] Saddam last met his defence counsel in December and
conveyed his greetings to all "free people" of the world "and especially to France and Germany," which were staunch opponents of the war that toppled him, Khassawneh said.

Saddam voiced his joy during the four and a half hour meeting when he was told Spain's new government had left the US-led military coalition in Iraq.

"He was very happy to know that Spanish forces had left Iraq," Khassawneh said.

Spain withdrew its 1,400-strong contingent from Iraq in April-May last year.
(via HispaLibertas)