Friday, January 28, 2005

ONE MORE REASON to vote "No" in the referendum on the European Constitution to be held in Spain on February 20; it it has to be promoted with such patently absurd methods:

Spain is handing out cans of a high-energy "referendum drink" in a bid to fire-up younger people to vote in a February poll on the European Constitution.

The black, orange and silver cans of Referendum Plus boast that it offers "energy to decide your future," and campaign posters claim it could change your life.

More than 200,000 of the cans, which have as much caffeine as two cups of coffee, will be handed out at universities, cinemas and other venues ahead of the Feb. 22 poll, Spanish media said on Thursday.

The vote, Europe's first, is expected to produce a comfortable majority in favor of the new charter, but officials are keen to avoid the embarrassment of a low turnout.

"The (campaign) aims to mobilize over 10 million people under 34 years old who have the right to vote, given the high level of abstention that has characterized European elections in our country," the Spanish Youth Council, which is behind the campaign, said on its Web site.

Spain has already harnessed soccer clubs and star players to promote the constitution to the country's football-mad public.

The treaty, which must be approved by all 25 EU members, aims to streamline decision-making in the bloc following its expansion last year.

A recent survey showed 60 percent of Spaniards planned to vote in the poll, although 90 percent of them knew little or nothing about the text.
All propaganda, no substance. Maybe because they realize the substance has an ugly face.