Thursday, January 20, 2005

US MUST NOT fight terrorism alone, writes Spain's former Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar in an oped on the Wall Street Journal today (requires paid subscription, but you can read a summary here):
The world is currently facing a number of very important challenges. Fighting terrorism and bringing democracy to the Middle East are priorities on the international agenda, whilst re-establishing strong and healthy relations between America and Europe -- and enhancing their ability to deter rogue regimes -- constitutes a no less urgent and essential task. It is evident that we must also support the forces of democracy against pre-dictatorial populism in Latin America. Finally, we must find an effective role for the United Nations, an organization that so far has proved itself incapable of reflecting upon its own actions and its own future.

Today a new presidential term starts in the United States. It is the duty of President Bush and his administration to formulate and propose solutions. However, this cannot be the exclusive burden of the United States. The rest of the international community must also bear our share of responsibility. In other words, if we want problems to be solved, Mr. Bush will have to do his job, but the rest of world's major leaders must also play their part.
Meanwhile, W still has Zapatero hanging by the telephone (see here and here for background.)