Sunday, October 17, 2004

WANNA DANCE the 'Cuban two-step'? Not as good as it sounds, though; John Pawlenko writes about the weird state of the relationships between Spain and Cuba: first, Zapatero is lobbying the EU for a change in the policy toward the island (a total departure from the previous Aznar administration).

But yesterday, a delegation of two Dutch congresswomen and one Spanish congressman (from the opposition's Popular Party) were denied entry and expelled on their landing at the Havana airport. They were planning to meet dissidents and the families of political prisoners.

Spain's foreign minister has called the incident 'unacceptable' and has apparently called the Cuban ambassador in Madrid for an 'explanation'. But what should be an unapologetic support by the government because of the mistreatment of one representative of the popular sovereignty is getting milder and milder by the day; two spokespersons of the socialist party (Zapatero's) have publicly accused the 'maverick' PP congressman of provocation; they say he went there just to be expelled...