Friday, October 15, 2004

THIS IS AMAZING, simply amazing. What a cheek:
US ambassador to Spain George Argyros was criticized by the Spanish government on Wednesday for 'showing disrespect' after failing to attend Spain's national day celebrations.

'The US ambassador should have participated in the celebrations.His absence from it means he is not willing to share the Spanish people's joy and happiness on that day,' Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos said.

Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, a spokesman for Spain's ruling Socialist Workers' Party at the House of Representatives, said Argyros' behavior shows that 'he looks down upon Spain and the king.'
UPDATE. Much more at AFP:
According to ABC Argyros, a former senior campaign fundraiser for President George W. Bush, was on a hunting trip with former US secretary of state and special envoy to Iraq James Baker.

However Argyros told Spanish news agency Europa Press that he had decided not to attend "for a variety of reasons, mainly because Zapatero, now prime minister, had not stood to attention when the US flag went by last year".

Zapatero refused to salute the US flag during last year's parade, in a sign of opposition to the conservative government's support for the US-led war in Iraq.

"This year they did not invite us, it does not matter," Argyros told the Europa Press agency.

"Spain is entitled to invite whoever it wants to its parade, but I felt that it would not have been very suitable for me to attend," he added.
Particularly with the hunting gear; the temptation would be too big.