Sunday, August 15, 2010

DOES ANYONE KNOW if the author of Huffington Post's Style section is a starry-eyed teenager, impressed by just about anyone who doesn't wear sandals and shorts? Because that would explain this ridiculously fawning item, with pictures and all:
There must be something in the agua in Spain to make all of their politicians so stylish. We know you love Princess Letizia, we recently introduced you to Prince Felipe, and now we'd like you to meet Spanish Prime Minister José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, wife of stylista Sonsoles Espinosa. Zapatero keeps it cool, sticking to a darker, often monochromatic, color palette (much like his wife and his daughters) offset by geometric-print ties. Check out some of Zapatero's best looks and tell us which ones are especially fantastic.
Fawning and wrong. I haven't seen anyone wearing suits with worse cuts for quite a long time. It's as if he's wearing them with the hanger still on.