Thursday, August 12, 2010

THE LATEST manufactured crisis between Morocco and Spain:
Spanish King Juan Carlos spoke on the telephone Wednesday with his Moroccan counterpart King Mohammed the VI to try to help smooth over a diplomatic row between the two countries concerning Spain's exclave Melilla.

The Spanish royal house said Juan Carlos, calling from his vacation home on Mallorca, made the call to try to clear up what were called 'misunderstandings' in recent days.

The move came after the government in Rabat had issued four communiques over the past few days accusing Spanish border police in Melilla of racism and of attacking Moroccans and African refugees.
What's the accusation for, you may ask. According to law enforcement officials, it's because of the presence of female police officers controlling the borders. You read it right: the big offense, the provocation, is that sometimes it's a woman asking to see the passport. I know, intolerable. I get shivers just thinking about it. Understandably that makes the 'mistreated' person to often become abusive and even to physically attack them. And hitting ensues as cops try to restrain the offended, hence the pictures with blood that you may have seen.