Thursday, February 11, 2010

BIG TURMOIL in Iran today as the regime marks the 31st anniversary of the Islamic revolution. There's clashes reported throughout Tehran and other parts of the country. Karoubi and Khatami were allegedly attacked by security forces, though everything is very difficult to confirm as there's a virtual blackout, with news media and the Internet blocked (even Gmail!).

The festivities started with Ahmadinejad announcing that Iran is now "a nuclear state". Awesome.

UPDATE. The Guardian is liveblogging.


UPDATE III. Singing "Death to the dictator" in the subway:

UPDATE IV. IranNewsNow is also liveblogging. Andrew Sullivan too, demonstrating he can use his time to something really useful from time to time.

UPDATE V. In Vesal Street, Tehran:

UPDATE VI. "Clashes erupted in several Tehran locations where there was a significant presence of green protesters. Dozens of protesters were arrested by intelligence forces at Sadeghieh square and other areas. . . .  Reports from other parts of Tehran suggest that similar clashes have taken place and many protesters have been injured after being savagely beaten by security forces."


UPDATE VIII. Dead, or just injured?

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UPDATE IX. A poster of Khamenei and Khomeini is torn down while people cheer and shout "Marg bar diktator!"

UPDATE X. The police beating a protester: