Sunday, June 04, 2006

¿DID YOU KNOW that the Zapatero administration (you know, the "no blood for oil", "Bush is killing innocents" and "let's get out of this illegal war" one) just gave Spain's highest military decoration to... gasp... can hardly say it... to... to the US Army Chief of Staff? Yes, the chief of staff of an army that, on behalf of Bu$hitler and his cronies, entered in Iraq and killed innocent civilians, tortured and murdered with no restraint, all based on a long stream of lies.

Maybe things are not going so bad there, after all.

It happened quietly, of course. And media here, so keen to help their hero, hasn't written a single line so far, at least that I've seen. Only the news pages of Terra -the internet provider so it simply doesn't count- has the news.

Come think of it, maybe it's because US Army Chief of Staff is Gen. Peter Schoomaker: as you probably know, his surname is fonetically identical to the English translation of Zapatero. Former defense minister Jose Bono had some trouble when he awarded himself a medal right after taking the job, so I guess Zapatero found an indirect way to do it...

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