Saturday, June 03, 2006

A MAJOR TERRORIST PLOT has been thwarted in Canada: police have arrested 17 people all over the country in a big anti-terrorist operation. The Toronto Globe and Mail says the planned blasts would have potentially been "three times more devastating than the Oklahoma City bombing."

It's worth noting that this comes after yesterday's major anti-terror sweep in the UK, which opens the possibility there's a connection between the two; after all, Scotland Yard said the people arrested in the bomb factory were not planning to hit on British soil so we can safely assume that this means it would have been abroad.

It's even more worth noting that a top Canadian spy official had warned that "many potential terrorists already reside in the country and have trained in al-Qaida training camps" and could be planning an attack.

As the saying goes, stay tuned.

UPDATE. Pajamas Media is all over this.

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