Monday, October 03, 2005

MULTICULTURALISM GONE WRONG in the UK; Fausta has several examples, from stupid to ridiculous.

I wonder how long will it take for the trend to arrive down here in al-Andalus. To be fair, there hasn't been many incident of this kind in Spain. The most notable one happened only less than a month after Zapatero took office and ordered the abrupt pullout of the Spanish troops from Iraq: the removal of St. James "the Moor-slayer" statue from Santiago's cathedral, probably Spain's main Catholic temple. After a short time, they put it back, although after a much smaller outrage than what the Telegraph's correspondent suggests (you can see a picture of the whole statue there). Maybe there was at a local level, but across the country there was no big campaign, no major public protests. Of course, for that you'd need the nation-wide media reporting on the issue, which they barely did: it would have embarrassed their hero Zapatero.

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