Saturday, March 19, 2005

ANOTHER ARREST, this time a Syrian man, for its connection with the March 11 terrorists attacks, with an odd detail (which I'll highlight in boldface):
Spanish police investigating the Madrid train bombings arrested a Syrian man on Friday on suspicion of recruiting and indoctrinating jihadists.

Mohannad Almallah Dabas and his brother Moutaz are accused of training young Islamist militants at their home in Madrid and sending them overseas, the Interior Ministry said in a statement.

Spain's ruling Socialists said they had expelled the detained man from the party. He joined a Madrid area branch of the Socialist Party 10 months ago but had been expelled in view of the serious accusations against him, the party said in a statement.
Of course it's important to note that they guy joined Zapatero's party after the bomb attacks, but also after he had already been arrested for the first time shortly after March 11 (and released because evidence was inconclusive). Considering yesterday's post, it's odd, isn't it?

Of course, government-owned news agency, EFE, doesn't mention anything at all about the guy's party affiliation in its report.

By the way, there's a translation of another news report in a Spanish newspaper about the friendly activities of a Socialist party official and one of the main culprits of March 11 that I wrote about yesterday.