Monday, November 26, 2012

IN 90 MINUTES (at 1pm Eastern, noon Central) I'll be on Silvio Canto Jr.'s radio show in Dallas talking about this and what it means for Catalan, Spanish and European politics: Voters deal blow to Catalan president's hopes for independence referendum.

I'll post the link to the live streaming as soon as I have it, in case you're interested. Details soon.

UPDATE. Don't miss this comment by FT reader "ANCOXF" to an article that, by the way, was stealth edited this morning. Read this at the FT too and, for some background, this from last Friday's The Economist. It's before the election but still worth it to understand what's going on.

UPDATE II. Here's the link to Silvio Canto's; you can either listen live in a little over 30 minutes, or you later to the recorded program.