Friday, September 28, 2012

CASE CLOSED: "Couples who share the housework are more likely to divorce, study finds.  Divorce rates are far higher among “modern” couples who share the housework than in those where the woman does the lion’s share of the chores, a Norwegian study has found. "

So tell her to do the dishes and clean the bathroom... it's for your marriage's sake!

UPDATE. Unsurprisingly, people quickly jumped on Twitter. Speaking more seriously, the headline messes up cause and effect; the article body explains it better. What the study finds is that the divorce rate among couples who share house chores is higher than among those who don't, nothing more, nothign less. But that doesn't mean that sharing it leads to divorce. What happens is that couples who share it tend to be more 'modern', less traditional; they are the kind of couple who also see divorce as more 'natural' than more traditional ones.