Monday, March 05, 2012

FROM Spain's pro-Socialist newspaper El País:
Although the conservatives won on the promise of turning the country around, a Metroscopia opinion poll, carried out for EL PAÍS on February 29 and March 1, shows that 72 percent of citizens still consider the political outlook to be bad, while on the economic front 96 percent of the country feels that things are downright dismal.
Wow, three months and you're telling me that there's no unicorn for all yet? Shame!

Plus this:
Because of its own voters’ unflagging support, if general elections were held now the PP would in fact improve its results from 44.6 percent of the vote on November 20 to a hypothetical 46.3 percent. This bodes particularly well for the regional elections scheduled for March 25 in Asturias and Andalusia, both of which are expected to go to the conservatives.
That's got to hurt...