Monday, January 03, 2011

OK, FOLKS: as we say in Spanish, "Año nuevo, vida nueva" (new year, new life). Well, no big changes actually, but I'm going to re-structure my workday considering my current commitments, and there are also some exciting possibilities I'm now negotiating which may mean bigger changes. This means that for the time being I'm going to put the daily overnight "While America Was Sleeping" in hiatus for a while until I sort everything out. I appreciate the interest that it's generated, but I don't have a clean chunk of time to prepare in the morning (EU time).

Does that mean that I'm not going to blog interesting news and developments? Of course, not. It's just that I'll be posting individual entries at leisure, as I find them during the day, instead of everything in one place as I did with the roundup. So if you liked what you saw, don't stop coming back. Keep checking the homepage, or even better, subscribe to the blog's RSS feed to read the new material