Monday, December 13, 2010

RICH GALEN on the Cancun climate conference:
  • Moving forward one year, this conference in Cancun attracted about 15,000 people. The U.K. Telegraph's environmental writer, Louise Gray, reported that "The carbon footprint of the conference was about 25,000 tons, the equivalent to 4,500 UK households for a year."
  • But, in an earlier dispatch, Ms. Gray calculated that her flight from the U.K. cost two tons and a two-week stay in a Cancun hotel another ton.
  • You know that I am missing the Arithmetic Gene, but even I know that if each of the 15,000 attendees produced three tons of carbon-stuff, then the total is not 25,000 tons, but 45,000 tons.
  • If we assume a passenger car produces about one ton of carbon for every 5,000 miles driven, then this conference was the equivalent of 255 million car miles.
  • Yea!
Yea indeed.