Saturday, October 02, 2010

A SLATE WRITER explains why there's so much anti-Muslim rhetoric in the Netherlands and, in the course of it, he fails to see the elephant in the room. He writes:
But what makes the anti-Muslim story so juicy is Holland's reputation for pluralism and tolerance, with its famous red-light districts and cannabis cafes. As it turns out, permissiveness when it comes to drug use does not always translate into accommodation for any and all lifestyles and religious views.
What does he think it would happen to the country's famous red-light districts and cannabis cafes if its society became predominantly Islamic? I'm not trying to sound alarmist, I'm not saying that it's about to become one; it's basically an intellectual exercise for the sake of the argument that can be put forth in this question: would an increasingly Muslim society be more or less tolerant towards activities like prostitution and drug use? The answer is obvious.

Maybe this what the Dutch are resisting against.