Wednesday, September 22, 2010

WHEN BULLFIGHTING was banned in Catalonia (the northeastern region in Spain with Barcelona as the capital), the prohibitionists said it had nothing to do with nationalistic, anti-Spanish sentiment. It was all a matter of ending animal cruelty, they insisted.

Lawmakers who banned bullfighting in Spain's Catalonia region have voted to effectively endorse other traditions involving the animals such as attaching burning poles to bulls' horns.

The legislation was approved Wednesday by a 114-14 vote, with 5 abstentions.

In July, Catalonia banned bullfighting on grounds of cruelty, becoming only the second Spanish region to do away with the centuries-old tradition.
But Wednesday's vote protects traditions in Catalonia involving bulls that have been widely criticized as cruel.
I'm not a bullfighting fan --never been to a corrida, and don't think I ever will-- but the double standard, the hypocrisy and thinking everyone is stupid really gets on my nerves...