Friday, January 15, 2010

UPDATE: Oops, they did it again...

[ORIGINAL POST] GREAT MOMENTS of the US State Department: you may have seen by now the FBI composites showing an aged Osama bin Laden; it's how he's supposed, or at least what they think, looks like today. Here's the page at the Rewards for Justice website [UPDATE: the picture has been withdrawn]

The funny thing is that the composite is done (link in Spanish) by photoshopping the hair and forehead of a leader of Spain's Communist party, Gaspar Llamazares. Take a look (click on the image for a bigger version):

Notice the hairdo and the wrinkle across the forehead. Llamazares, as any good Communist, is not likely to travel to the US anytime soon, but just in case I'd avise him to stay as far as possible...

UPDATE. Just to be clear, Madrid newspaper El Mundo, where this came from, contacted the headquarters of the Communist party and they confirmed the leader's pic is legit: it's from a campaign poster for the 2004 general election.

UPDATE II. The FBI confirms El Mundo that they took an image from Google Images and used it for the composite by mistake.