Tuesday, October 13, 2009

MR. ZAPATERO GOES TO WASHINGTON: Spain's primer minister begins his -believe it or not- first official visit to the US. Gone are the days when Zapatero sounded more like Ciara than a country's leader.

UPDATE. More at the Examiner, where by the way they refer to Zapatero as head of state. He's not: he's the prime minister, that is, the chief of the executive branch (Kin Juan Carlos is Spain's head of state). The confusion may stem from the fact that the official name of his position is "presidente del gobierno"which is sometimes translated as "president of the government" and thus made equivalent to head of state. But the accurate translation for "presidente del gobierno", if you need one, would be "chairman of the cabinet". But you don't really need that; it's better to simply "prime minister".