Saturday, September 05, 2009

WHEN I TALK about "United abomiNations" it's because of things like this (original in Spanish):
The president of the UN General Assembly, Nicaraguan Miguel D'Escoto, said today in Havana that the Cuban leader, Fidel Castro, is "the best disciple of Jesus." "Fidel is for me, today, the best disciple of Jesus. I was privileged to be near him, to observe him, to hear him, to see him, and he is a man in love with justice, brotherhood, solidarity," said the priest and former Sandinista foreign minister.

D'Escoto emphasized that the UN must be "reinvented", introducing in Havana his book "Anti-imperialism and non-violence" to the Cuban Parliament President Ricardo Alarcon and Culture Minister Abel Prieto, among other officials.
No, dear Miguel, no; the UN shouldn't be reinvented. It should be demolished.

UPDATE. Apparently in the same event, Cuba gave an award back to D'Escoto (warning: link is to the regime's mouth):
D’Escoto said he felt somewhat uncomfortable because he was being granted an award for doing what any priest and militant of the Sandinista National Liberation Front should do. He also mentioned solidarity as the main virtue in a critical moment like the one the world lives today due to selfishness, greed and other anti-values of the dominating culture.

“I humbly accept this award with a commitment to continue fighting to defend this people, their Revolution and all the just causes,” said D’Escoto and added that it was even a greater honor because “it comes from the sister and heroic Cuba, a paradigm of solidarity and a bright torch of hope.”

[...] Visibly moved, he expressed his gratitude for living in times of the Cuban Revolution and Fidel Castro and for “witnessing the best times of Latin America, when the dream of Simon Bolivar is coming true and the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our Americas (ALBA) grows.”
I said it already but I'll say it again: tear down that thing.