Tuesday, August 18, 2009

HOW CAN HE TRY to convince the public to expand healthcare when he's not able to take proper care of what he's already managing?
President Obama has made health care his top priority. He says the cost of Medicare and Medicaid is “the biggest threat” to the nation’s fiscal future. But to the puzzlement of Congress and health care experts around the country, Mr. Obama has not named anyone to lead the agency that runs the two giant programs.

The agency, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, is the largest buyer of health care in the United States. Its programs are at the heart of efforts to overhaul the health care system. If it had an administrator, that person would be working with Congress on legislation and could be preparing the agency for a new, expanded role.

“The vacancy stands out like a sore thumb,” said Dr. Denis A. Cortese, president of the Mayo Clinic, often cited by the White House as a health care model.
You bet it does. It's been seven months since Obama took office, and he hasn't named the chief of a vital program he's trying to expand by a factor of many. Good luck convincing the public...