Tuesday, March 13, 2007

REMEMBER THE EVIL Zionist plan to damage the Temple Mount, bla bla bla? Well, the UNESCO will officially release its report tomorrow:

Israeli works near the Temple Mount did not cause damage to the historic site, a UNESCO report set to be published Wednesday states. However, the UN organization recommends that the excavations at the place be suspended in order to allow for international monitors to arrive in Jerusalem and supervise the project.

In the report, which was obtained by Ynet, UNESCO experts laud Israel for the transparency with which the works were being carried out, and note that the excavations conducted near the Temple Mount compound do not jeopardize its stability.

According to the report, the works near the Mugrabi Gate have been properly documented and supervised, in compliance with international professional standards.

Nevertheless, the organization criticizes Israel for failing to involve other institutes in the project, probably referring to the UN's World Heritage Committee and Muslim bodies, such as the Waqf.
Yeah, like they would have never filibustered the project. Anyway, the main point is that all the rage and hysteria was, of course, completely unwarranted.