Tuesday, February 06, 2007

THE TIMES (not the New York Times, but London's... well actually both), a terrorists' mouthpiece? Seems so if you read this sympathetic piece on Iñaki de Juana Chaos, the ETA terrorist in a hunger strike. Even though he says in the interview that he doesn't feel even the slightest remorse for killing 25 people in cold blood, the Times still pushes the idea that he's pleading for peace. He even compares himself with a raped woman. Where are feminists when you need them?

And he ends with something absolutely appaling: “Not being able to live a normal life is very hard. Only those of us who have experienced it can understand it,” he said.

There's something worse than not being able to live a normal life, you sonofabitch. It's not being able to live at all, like the 25 persons you murdered.

And one further thought: would The Times have published an interview with Bobby Sands or the other ten when he was in a hunger strike?