Friday, April 14, 2006

THE TOP 100 LIES OF NOAM CHOMSKY, neatly compiled by Paul Bogdanor in a helpful pdf file. He's got all covered: Cold War, Holocaust, Latin America, genocide, etc.

UPDATE. Reader David Ward sends me an email he just sent to Paul Bogdanor:
Dear Sir:

I applaud you for placing Chomsky’s lies in context. Chomsky is the worst kind of apologist. He uses the freedoms and privaleges of an open society to attack the very society that protects his freedoms.

I do however take issue with your comments regarding the Indonesian occupation of East Timor. I was in Darwin, Australia, when the Indonesians attacked and, because the Portuguese left a vacuum, I supported their move. Over the years that followed I watched the Indonesians adopt a policy of colonization by Indonesians and subjugation of the indigenous population. Their tenure was nothing more than a brutal suppression of the population.

I do not quibble with your characterization as to the difference in numbers. The deaths in East Timor however were, over time, more a result of using Viet Cong style tactics.

I know enough of Chomsky’s lies to offset the Indonesian issue. I do however worry that this alone might be enough for an Australian to question every other aspect of your rebuttal.


Dave Ward,

Washington, DC

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