Tuesday, March 28, 2006

ANOTHER DOCUMENT from the Saddam Docex files; this time it's a memorandum by Iraq's intelligence services about a trip in Iraq, on January 2003 (that is, almost in the brink of war) by two European businessman, both well known for being engulfed in the Elf bribe scandal. Loïk Le Loch-Prigent, former chairman of the corporation, and Dieter Holzer, the unofficial representative of the German establishment. There's no earthshaking revelation, at least there's nothing that we didn't know already: Chirac against the war, Schroeder aknowledging he won the last election thanks to being opposed to Bush and Blair plans, Chinese reports that WMDs were move to Syria, etc. But it makes a very interesting reading, opening a window to how these deals under the table work.

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