Tuesday, November 08, 2005

MICHEL PAJON, the Socialist mayor of Noisy-le-Grand, near Paris, is appalled:
“Women have been made to stop on the streets of my town. They were dragged from their cars by their hair, they were practically stoned and their cars were set ablaze... The situation is absolutely dramatic and inacceptable. This is a real scandal. I sound the alarm bell in my town. If the state is incapable of defending us, we will have no choice but to defend ourselves. My town has a psychiatric hospital which has been attacked with molotov cocktails. This is beyond comprehension. I have never seen anything like this in my entire life. I do not ask for the resignation of the Interior Minister [Nicolas Sarkozy]. I want him to do his job. At the moment he is not doing his job.

Send in the army? I do not know, for a socialist to say that the army has to intervene is an inconceivable admission of defeat, but what I can say is that one cannot abandon the people like this. At some point we need to know whether this country still has a state.”
Paul Belien also writes about the incidents in Belgium and says that, just as in France, the media are downplaying the incidents.

UPDATE. Much more on the MSM 'makeup' over at No Pasarán!.

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