Friday, January 07, 2005

AND WHILE IBARRETXE passes his secessionist plan in the Basque parliament with the votes of his party AND the votes of Batasuna, an outlawed party and in the official list of terrorist oganizations in both the US and the European union because it's ETA's 'political face', one of the most notorious ETA killers is going to walk out of jail soon:
A notorious ETA killer who was condemned to almost 3,000 years in jail will be released next month after serving 18 years behind bars.

Ignacio de Juana Chaos, a former member of ETA's 'Madrid commando' who was convicted of killing 25 people, is to be freed next month, according to judicial sources.

Among De Juana Chaos's victims were 12 Guardia Civil officers who were killed in a single bomb attack in 1986 in Madrid.

De Juana Chaos was jailed for a total of 2,995 years in 1987 for his part in up to 20 attacks and 25 murders.

It was the highest jail term ever imposed in Spain.

His sentence was reduced by 20 days for each year
after he enrolled in an educational course.
Outrageous in itself, but if you think that the guy at least may be rehabilitated and abjured violence, well, think again. This is something the guy publicly said while in prison:
In 1998, after the murder of a council official in Seville by ETA, he wrote from jail: "I love to see the twisted faces of the relatives at the funerals. Here in prison, their tears are our smiles."
And the son of a bitch -there's no other way to describe him- will soon walk free. And maybe bump into relatives of his victims on the street.