Thursday, December 02, 2004

NOW I SAY IT, now I don't:
Spain's foreign minister has denied he accused the previous government of taking part in the short-lived April 2002 coup against Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

Miguel Angel Moratinos told the Spanish parliament he said the former administration led by Jose Maria Aznar endorsed the attempted coup afterwards..

"I did not accuse (former Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar's government) of participating in the preparation of the coup," el Moratinos said.

"When I said support I meant - and mean to say - that (the previous administration) did not condemn the coup and gave it international legitimacy."
For the record, this is the literal quote of what sparked the controversy: "during the last government, the Spanish ambassador received instructions to support the coup, something unknown in Spanish diplomacy, something that will not happen again in the future." If he intends us to believe that he didn't mean that the last government had a role in the coup (much more than 'not condemning') then he's stupid, or he thinks everyone else is.

By the way, why haven't you produced a quote of yourself condemning the coup back then, Moratinos? Mmmmmm.