Thursday, October 28, 2004

"SPAIN'S REGIONS finally meet 28 years after democracy arrives," writes approvingly the government-run news agency EFE:
For the first time since the fall of the Franco dictatorship, all Spain's political leaders met for a conference Thursday.

Spanish prime minister Jose Luis Rodriguez led the conference of all the regional prime ministers at the Senate, the upper house of the Spanish parliament in Madrid.
You know, all due to the new climate in the country after taking back the country from the tight grip of pseudo-fascist Aznar.

The new Zapatero government keeps creating a fiction as if the dictator Franco was succeeded in 1975 by a semi-dictatorship, a pseudo-democracy, and the Socialist party was now, after March 14, the first real democratic government:
Jordi Sevilla, minister of public administration, said during eight years when the PP was in power it had been unable to create a climate to bring all the regions together.
Well, Jordi, could you please tell me what happened the 14 years before that? You know, the period between 1982 and 1986, when your Socialist pal Felipe Gonzalez was prime minister?