Friday, September 17, 2004

TELLING IT like it is:
MEXICO CITY, Sept. 16 (Xinhuanet) -- The withdrawal of Spanish troops from Iraq "is an evidence of inconsistency with (Spain's) national doctrine," Salvadorian Defense Minister General Otto Romero said Thursday.

"It was an inconsistency and a true weakness of national policyto have a minister that so easily changed the policy of the previous government. That is an evidence of weakness in national doctrine," Romero said in an interview with the local daily La Prensa Grafica, according to reports from San Salvador, the Salvadoran capital.

When asked about the troops withdrawal by the countries of the Plus Ultra Brigade, Romero said, "Spain has explained why, so we could present an opinion. As for Nicaragua and Honduras, there seemed to be budget problems."

Spain completed the withdrawal of its 1,300 troops from Iraq inMay.

El Salvador is the only country of the Plus Ultra Brigade that kept its force in Iraq after the withdrawal in April of the troops from Spain, Honduras, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic.