Monday, August 30, 2004

IT'S THE NINTH INSTALLMENT of Arthur Chrenkoff's 'Good News from Iraq' series. As usual, it's worth the time you'll spend reading it.

There are so many developments taking place over there, with the help of so many countries from all over the world.

With one conspicuous absence: Zapatero and foreing minister Moratinos assured that the withdrawal of Spain's troops from Iraq would not mean that they would not help in the democratic reconstruction of the country; that the pulloff was just a way to show their displeasure about the war, the behaviour of the Coalition, and Aznar's decision of joining it, but that they would not forget the needs of the Iraqi people.

Actually few people believed that at the time (even Zapatero's supporters, I'm sure), but I'd have been more than happy to be wrong on this.

Alas, I am not; the Spanish government has all but abandoned the Iraqi people. What a shame.