Sunday, August 01, 2004

EVEN THOUGH Spanish officials presented their decision of withdrawing from Iraq as something that wouldn't bring any consequences for the country in the international relationships arena, the truth is that leaving the allies in the middle of what at the time was a sensitive moment has not, and will not, be gratis.

Great Britain has, for the third time in a few weeks, made some 'undiplomatic' gestures over the controversial issue of Gibraltar: first, the visit of Princess Anne; second, the arrival of the Tireless nuclear submarine (a huge controversy last year when it spent several weeks there in order to be repaired; this time there was no problem with her, it was merely a kind of diplomatic declaration). And now this:
A diplomatic row over Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon's visit to Gibraltar has escalated, according to reports.

[...] On Friday Mr Moratinos [Spain's Foreign Minister] told a news conference it was "not easy to maintain normal relations with Great Britain" because of the Gibraltar issue.
Cry me a river, Moratinos: neither it was easy for the UK to maintain normal relations with Spain after the Spanish government decided to pull out the troops in the middle of a crisis, before the agreed date and before giving a chance for a UN Security Council resolution that you said it wouldn't happen, but that became UNSC Res 1546. What did you expect, Moratinos? You are reaping what you sawed. Take it like a man and don't complain when somebody reacts to your previous unfriendliness.

UPDATE. Welcome to all Roger Simon's readers (and thanks Roger for the link; no, it's not only that Spaniards cannot take criticism; it's that they simpply filter out anything that makes them uncomfortable, they prefer to live in the fetal position).

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UPDATE II. Celebrations 'None of Spain's Business', says Peter Caruana, Gibraltar's chief minister.