Saturday, July 24, 2004

WHEN I LAUNCHED Barcepundit back in May, after guestblogging at HispaLibertas for several months, my idea was to make it a bi-lingual weblog, posting alternatively in Spanish and English depending on the subject and angle of each entry.

However, it has become quite puzzling to discern when to use one language and when to write in the other, and I realized that I only have written a couple of posts in English so far -it's almost impossible to distinguish them in the middle of all the other material. So I decided to launch this blog fully in English, not with posts translated into English, but as a fully independent project with its own angle, and focused on subjects that may be of interest to audiences beyond the Spanish blogosphere.

Which, by the way, leads me to ask for your forgiveness regarding all atrocities I will certainly commit against the English language. As I wrote in the blog's header, "it's not my mother tongue, so sue me!"

Be welcome to visit anytime you wish; you can also use the feed via your favorite newsreader and please feel free to email me comments, criticisms, praises, corrections, tips (but not insults, please!). You can find my address by clicking here; I won't enable comments as it would take too much time to monitor against any potential trolling.