Sunday, February 08, 2009

'Viva España,' cheered Norberto Luis Diaz, the first Cuban to get a Spanish passport under a new law that grants citizenship to descendants of former exiles.

Diaz, a 38-year-old cardiologist, will to travel to Spain on Sunday, spending a few days in Madrid and then Valencia, where he even has a job offer.

Diaz got his passport on Thursday under the new Law of Historical Memory, which allows the children and grandchildren of Spaniards who fled the country during the Spanish Civil War and the beginning of the Franco dictatorship to apply for citizenship.

'This is a great moment for Cuba and for Spain,' said Pablo Barrios, the Spanish consul in Havana, as he handed over the document. 'And for me!' Diaz added, exultant.

Last December, Diaz was the first Cuban to formally request Spanish citizenship. His grandfather was from the Canary Islands and came to Cuba in 1916. 'He never returned to Spain,' Diaz said.
(emphasis mine)

Anyone knows that the Spanish Civil War didn't start until 20 years after that.