Sunday, December 07, 2008

Is the fight to preserve the traditional American family – think the Cleavers meet the Bradys – one to, as its proponents argue, protect children, or is it means by which to silence the “radical gay agenda” in the United States through institutionalized shame? Cindy Lederman, a Miami-Dade circuit judge, is convinced it’s the latter.

Lederman’s landmark ruling, a move likely to elicit Prop 8-like responses, noted the inherent hypocrisy in Florida state law allowing gay men and women to be foster parents, but not legally adopt.
Totally. Read the rest, because James Richardson is spot on. I know it may sound counterintuitive, but I've always thought it should be easier for people to accept adoption by gay couples than marriage... There's certainly a legitimate, non-bigoted anthropological and cultural case to be made against gay marriage (and against heterosexual marriage, for that matter), and yet I think that even people who are against it should see that it's always much better for a kid to be raised in a family -regardless of whether it's gay or not- than in the care of the public services.