Monday, November 17, 2008

YEAH, it's a love story, Howard Kurtz writes regarding Obama and the media, but when he starts making decisions then what?
But what happens when adulation gives way to the messy, incremental process of governing? When Obama has to confront a deep-rooted financial crisis, two wars and a political system whose default setting is gridlock? When he makes decisions that inevitably disappoint some of his boosters?
I'll tell you what will happen: nothing will happen. The adoring masses, and specially himself, and his administration, will blame it all on the inheritance he got. The situation was even messier than we thought, they'll say, so we had to take some tough decisions that you'll end up understanding. Gives us time (like, a 2nd term!). If only Bush and the Republicans hadn't f*cked up things so much we could have been doing what we said we'd do. And the legacy media will go along with it.

Mark my words.